Nicole Jenny

Nicole Jenny is a contemporary artist living in Toronto, Canada

Nicole's technique has been the subject of much discussion as it does not adhere to any of the traditional schools or ideas, but is rather more based on the purest of first principals.

There is not necessarily a planned outcome to her pictures, as with many artists, but as the subject matter is entirely abstract in the first place, this does make her a little more unusual as a painter.

Progress of her artworks is often non-linear and can be erratic, but the end results always have something in common with their counterparts simply because Nicole's favourite paintings all share similarities and she learns from the experiences gained in painting each picture.

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Solid Rain

DIMENSIONS 24"/18" Acrylic on canvas

Ode to enchanted light

DIMENSIONS 30"/36" Acrylic on Canvas


DIMENSIONS 30"/30" Acrylic on canvas

Cocktail Swirl

DIMENSIONS 30"/36" Acrylic on Canvas


DIMENSIONS 30"/36" Acrylic on canvas

Destination Situation: Moon tunnel 1

DIMENSIONS 48"/60" Acrylic on canvas